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The latest SA Heart Journal, volume 16 (2) is now online.

Written on Tuesday, 30 July 2019 22:04

In his editorial Prof Ntusi discusses Integrity in science and scientific writing and accountability of individual authors. A contribution from the Editors’ Network of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) then also  provides commentary on accountability of authors.They indicate that authorship confers credit and important academic rewards, but also argue that authorship requires responsibility and accountability.

Capistrant and colleagues explored whether there was a difference in the determinants of hypertension prevalence, diagnosis and control in individuals aged 50 years and above between South Africa and Ghana, and found that South Africans had higher age-standardised prevalence rates for hypertension. The main determinants of the prevalence of elevated blood pressure included rural residence, educational attainment, bodyweight and income.

Russel and co-authors studied the utility of admission bloodglucose for predicting major adverse events in hospital and 6 months post-discharge in acute myocardial infarction patients in a single-centre study from Durban.

Dellar et al explored the levels of knowledge on cardiovascular disease (CVD) in HIV-infected South African surgical patients attending a public hospital and found that the level of knowledge on CVD in publicsector surgical patients infected with HIV was poor. The authors suggest health promotion targeting CVD in HIV-infected South African patients.

Weich et al describe the first case of transcatheter aortic valve prosthesis implanted intoa calcified native mitralannulus (TAV-in-MAC) in South Africa. This is now a viable treatment option for mitral valve replacement in patients with severe annular calcification who cannot under go mitral valve replacement surgery.

Fan and colleagues present a rare case of extensive Stanford Type Aaortic dissection extending from the ascending aorta superiorly to the carotids and inferiorly to the infra-renalabdominal aorta in a 34-year-old male with history of hypertension and tobacco use. The patient presented withacute chest pain, dyspnoea, slurred speech and altered mental status. The authors review the efficacy of imaging using computed tomography in this clinical entity and remind us of the seriousness of aortic dissection.

Drs Greyling and Potts present a case of atrial flutter ablation through the azygous continuation in a patient with mirror image dextrocardia and interrupted venaca vain the Image in Cardiology section.

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