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PASCAR Elected a new President and Governing Council

Written on Wednesday, 25 October 2017 10:25

On 9 October PASCAR Elected a new President and Governing Council in Khartoum, Sudan to lead the organisation to 2021. Dr Saad Subahi welcomed his new team and thank all for their willingness to contribute and support PASCAR programs, events and projects is much appreciated and will be a key element in PASCAR’s future success.


Dr Saad Subahi (Sudan) expressed his sincere gratitude to the past members of the PASCAR Governing Council for their hard work and dedication during the previous term in office. Professor Bongani Mayosi’ continued guidance as the immediate past President will be much appreciated as well as the support of Professor Benedict Anisiuba, Professor Samuel Omokhodion, Professor Serigne Ba, Professor Johan Brink, Professor Ana Mocumbi and Dr. Awad Mohammed who have stepped down from the Governing Council.  I am certain that they will continue to play a major role through respective task forces.    


We have the pleasure of introducing below the newly elected PASCAR Governing Council (term end AGM 2021):

President: ​​Dr. Saad Subahi, Sudan
Secretary General​​​​: Professor Elijah Ogola, Kenya
Treasurer ​​​​​Professor: Amam Mbakwem, Nigeria
Immediate Past President: ​​​Professor Bongani Mayosi, South Africa
Editor Cardiovascular Journal of Africa: ​​Professor Patrick Commerford, South Africa
West Vice-President: Professor Toure Ali Ibrahim, Niger
South Vice-President: ​​​​Professor Karen Sliwa, South Africa
Central Vice-President: ​​​​Professor Anastase Dzudie, Cameroon
East Vice-President: ​​​​Dr. Harun Otieno, Kenya
West Assistant Secretary General: ​​Professor Mahmoud Sani, Nigeria
South Assistant Secretary General: ​​Professor Mpiko Ntsekhe, South Africa
Central Assistant Secretary General: ​​Dr. Marc Nimburanira, Burundi
East Assistant Secretary General: ​​Dr. Emmy Okello, Uganda
North Assistant Secretary General: ​​Dr. Anas Babiker, Sudan