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Murder of Dr Abdullhay Munshi

Written on Friday, 18 September 2020 12:06

The South African Heart Association (SA Heart®) wishes to express our deepest condolences to the family of Dr Abdullhay Munshi, a soft and gentle anaesthetist, who was murdered on 16th September.

SA Heart® and all of its special interest groups, standing committees and regional branches condemns any act of violence towards any person.  Sadly, in our country, acts of violence, all too common, are a deep blight on our society.  The context of this particular case demands that we draw attention to the dangerous plight of healthcare workers in particular.

In 2019 Dr Munshi, together with Professor Peter Beale were charged with culpable homicide after the tragic death of a ten-year old patient. Due process was not followed and before proper investigation by the Health Professions Council, these colleagues were arrested and treated as common criminals.  This unprecedented abuse is now followed by murder in broad daylight.  

These unfortunate events have now set an extremely dangerous precedent for all healthcare workers in South Africa. All of our society should be appalled, and outraged.

We call for immediate concerted action by South African law enforcement agencies to bring the perpetrators of this heinous deed to justice.

We stand in solidarity with all medical professionals and associations / societies that are outraged by this senseless act, which represents one of the darkest moments of the medical profession in our country.

Dr David Jankelow

President and Board Chair, SA Heart®




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