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Board Committees

Executive Committee


Dr Blanche Cupido, president, acting chair

Prof Deon Bezuidenhout

Dr Alfonso Pecoraro

Mr Joseph Shaw (General Counsel)

Dr Iftikhar Ebrahim (co-opted)

Prof Karen Sliwa (co-opted)


Audit and Risk Committee

Mr François Mintoor (Chair)

Ms Robyn Hey

Dr Alfonso Pecoraro

Dr Thomas Mabin

Dr Blanche Cupido 

Nominations Committee

Dr Tawanda Butau (Chair)

Prof Deon Bezuidenhout (Ex-Officio)

Dr Blanche Cupido

Dr Martin Mpe

Ms Robyn Hey

 Ethics and Social Committee

Dr Martin Mpe(chair)

Dr Tawanda Butau

Prof Deon Bezuidenhout (ex-officio) 

Stakeholder Committee

Dr Blanche Cupido (ex-officio, chair)

Prof Deon Bezuidenhout (ex-officio)

Chairs of Standing Committees

Chair of SHARE committee

Editor in Chief of SA Heart Journal

Presidents of Special Interest Groups

Presidents of Regional Branches

Representatives of Device and Pharma industry