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Cardiology Training

Certificate in Cardiology - Paediatric Cardiology
Regulations for admission to the examination for the Post-Specialisation Certificate in the Sub-Speciality Cardiology
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Certificate in Cardiology - Adult Cardiology
Regulations for the Certificate in Cardiology.
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Accredited Training Units
Cardiology Training is offered only at universities with linked medical schools and training hospitals in South Africa. Limited training positions are available, according to government allocations in the respective provinces. 
In order to start the three year specialization course in cardiology, one has to be a qualified physician. Please apply directly to the respective heads of departments for a training post.
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Guideline: Cardiology Training
Cardiology Training follows strict guidelines. A logbook must be kept to prove proficiency in techniques, and a prescribed minimum number of each different procedure performed must be recorded. 
The College of Medicine is responsible for conducting the qualifying examination at the end of the three year course. 
You can find the cardiology syllabus and logbook requirements here.
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